About Me


Just a little introduction about me, My name is Shaniah and I am a 19 year old female from Wales. I have had an interest in writing for a long time so I thought to myself nearly 2 years ago ‘why not start a blog?’ so here I am!

My blog was launched in 2015 as a community for young readers but also for people who have similar interests as I do. I created this blog to share my interests with fellow bloggers who have the same love for writing as I do.

SoΒ ,I know this is just an about me page but there are a few questions that would be great answered so you know what my blog is all about.

so …why should you read my blog?

IfΒ you love beauty and hair advice, movie and book reviews, blogger interviews and tips and advice posts then you are going to feel right at home here! I am also open for suggestions so if any people would like me to write a specific blogΒ post.. consider it done.

Next…what are you going to get out of my posts?

Well from the type of posts I write, you will be getting plenty of advice on things that you may experience or on things that you are interested in.

the main question… what posts do I write?

well…I write a variety of blog posts such as

  • movie and book reviews
  • monthly favourites
  • blogger interviews
  • advice and tips
  • hair and beauty posts

lastly…how did my blog get started?

my blog got started in 2015 and it was a in the moment kind of idea. I was just sitting down writing in m journal as I have been for years and I just had a sudden thought to create a blog so I could share my ideas and writing with other people. Loads of my friends also have blogs which is great as we can help each other.

Enough about me… Enjoy reading my blog!


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