An Adventure

its been a long time I know…

But I thought I’d come back with a fresh new topic and a little blog post about something that I’m excited about which is…. travel.

Ive never travelled abroad.. yeah I have travelled within my country which is the United Kingdom for example, London, Birmingham but I have never fled the nest and gone abroad to somewhere completely new and out of my comfort zone which leads me back to my blog title… where am I going? Well in October/ November me and my boyfriend are travelling too Seattle, Washington, USA.

I am nervous of course as I have never been on a plane before or gone anywhere where I’m not familiar with or been through an airport but it’s an adventure! I know so many people who travel all over the world and I am so jealous so from this year, I’m going to travel quite regularly to places I have always dreamed of going too..

My top 6 places I wanna visit✈️

  • Seattle, USA ( I’m going this year YAY )
  • New York
  • Hawaii
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam

Where have all of you travelled too..?






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