Healing process of having a tattoo // My advice

So, i wrote an advice post a few weeks back about getting your first tattoo and some advice about what to expect and i had a positive outcome from that post and got asked to write an advice post on the healing process so here i am.

Okay during a tattoo healing process, There are a few different stages your tattoo goes through before becoming fully healed.

Stage 1

During the first week of tattoo healing, your tattoo is pretty much an open wound which means its easy for an infection to occur so this stage of healing is pretty crucial. When i had my tattoo, i simply wiped it over a few times a day with warm water. I didn’t want to add alcohol based solutions or lotions to it just incase it didn’t agree with the tattoo and it ended up getting infected and that is definitely the last thing anyone would want.

Not going to lie, you will have some blood and puss come out of your tattoo, not everyone does but some people do so if you have experienced this, it is normal so don’t worry. This usually happens straight away after having a tattoo so your tattooist will probably put a bandage or something similar on it. Once you remove the bandage its all up to you to look after and clean your tattoo.

I am going to pre-warn you that, once you take your bandage off, there will be blood and ink and puss but don’t worry, you have just had a tattoo and an injection pumping ink into your school numerous times so, trust me, this is completely normal. When i had my tattoo, i left my bandage on for a few hours and then when i took it off, there was blood and puss so i just wiped it gently with warm water and it all came off and looked good as new.

Another thing is, once you take your bandage off, do not cover it back up as you are more likely to be trapping bacteria near your tattoo so keep it open to the air. Make sure that the bedsheets, cloths and everything your tattoo will touch are cleaned daily. At the end of stage one, your tattoo should start to scab but do not pick those scabs! By picking the scabs, this can cause your tattoo to become discoloured and blotchy so resist the temptation. i was so tempted to pick my tattoo because it does not look the best when the scabbing process begins but the end result will be worth it.

Stage 2

As i said just now, leaving your scabs alone is so hard. Once all of the scabs finish forming the itching sets in and trust me, it will drive you crazy. Even if it gets really itchy, do not pick off the scabs. Let the scabs flake off naturally.

Stage 3

by this stage, the final stages of healing begins. The itching stops. The risk of infection reduces so you can go back to normal and you don’t have to be as picky on what you wear and what you put near your tattoo. Even though it may look healed, you can still keep cleaning it with warm water now and again and apply a moisturiser just to keep the skin soft so it can continue to fully heal. You should continue to care for your tattoo once its fully healed. after the wound closes, you should continue to use warm water and some moisturisers which contain no alcohol just to keep the skin hydrated. I didn’t use any moisturisers at the start when i first got my tattoo done but once it healed and was a closed wound, i used moisturisers sometimes just to keep my skin hydrated. Another thing, always apply sun cream on your tattoo before going outside. some people don’t, but i do now and again, my tattoo isn’t in a place that is in direct sunlight all the time but i still apply sun cream just to be sure. Intense sun light such as that from the sun, works the same as laser tattoo removal so i would be careful.


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