London & The Warner Bros harry potter studio

So this week has been crazy, i went to London for a few days and ticked off what was number one of my bucket list – to attend the Warner Bros Harry potter studios. For those of you who know me well, you would know i have a harry potter obsession and i have been wanting to go to the studios for years and it finally happened on Friday.

Day one

So, i left my hometown at roughly 7am in the morning to travel to London. I was absolutely buzzing! I got into London at roughly 1pm. When i got into London, i couldnt believe how much of a beautiful city it was. so for the whole afternoon, i managed to see all of the main sites including Buckingham Palace, The London eye, the great tower of London, the houses of Parliament and many more amazing places. I stopped in Leicester square for a spot of shopping and my gosh the shops there were incredible. There was a Lego shop and M&M world and of course a huge shop called the kingdom of sweets. I stayed in Premier inn next door to heathrow airport and the service there was amazing. I just love London so much. It’s such a beautiful place.


Day two

I woke up early on the Friday because i knew today was the day i got to go to the Warner Bros harry potter studios. We checked out of the hotel at 8:30am and travelled straight to the studios and when we pulled into the car park i was speechless. i was just so happy and amazed that i was actually there!


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