Getting your first tattoo // My advice

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Getting a tattoo is a very bold decision. You want your first tattoo experience to be the one you remember for all the right reasons. So, I’m going to give you guys 10 tips that will help you when thinking of or about to get your first tattoo. The picture above is an identical image of my first tattoo.

Don’t rush picking a design

Don’t rush yourself into choosing a tattoo design and the location. Your going to have to live with this choice for a long time. Take a while picking a design, don’t pick the first one you see. it took me a good 2 weeks of searching to find the one i wanted.


Before you have your first tattoo, you are definitely going to have questions. Your tattoo artist will definitely answer every question you have and make sure you feel 100% comfortable before going ahead with the tattoo.

The pain

it is going to hurt a little, the pain depends on where you get your tattoo. It is going to bleed a little too. Trust me, having a tattoo is worth it and if I’m honest, it really doesn’t hurt as much as some people say they do. If the pain does get a little much don’t be scared to ask your tattooist for a break.. nobody wants a passed out client.

Wear comfortable clothing

Depending on where your tattoo is, you will want to wear loose clothing that will give the tattooist easy access to that certain part of your body such as if your getting a leg tattoo, don’t wear tight leggings or skinny jeans. Depends on the size of your tattoo, if the tattoo you will be having is going to be large, you will be sitting down for quite a while so definitely wear something comfortable.

Take care of it afterwards

tattoo aftercare is such an important part and the most serious. Healing your tattoo is just as important as the tattooing process itself. My tattoo healed really quickly but one thing you should avoid is picking your tattoo once it reaches the scabby itchy stage. All healing tattoos will scab and will take 2-3 weeks to heal. Also keep the tattoo moist and clean as it heals as this will avoid any sort of infection.

Consider jobs

your first tattoo is a special experience and you may want too pick something big and colourful that people will notice. It could make it hard for you to get a job if you have a tattoo across your neck/ face/ hands so consider that before you get your first tattoo.

Prepare yourself on the day of getting the tattoo

First, eat a full breakfast beforehand. Many artists consider having a fizzy drink or some orange juice before having the tattoo. Sometimes, the process of having a tattoo can make you feel dizzy. Before my tattoo, i just had a few sips of Pepsi and i was fine. Another thing is to not drink alcohol beforehand and last but not least, getting tattooed is an intimate experience so make sure you have a shower.

Bring a high resolution photo

if you have a photo of the tattoo you want done, make sure it is high quality so the tattoo artist can see all the detail that needs to be done.

Trust your artist

This is important. You must trust your artist. Your artist knows what they’re doing. When i went for my tattoo, my tattooist was so reassuring and polite and it made it much easier to feel calm and not nervous.

Stay still!

We know that it may be difficult to stay still but make every effort to remain calm and still as possible whilst getting tattooed. Your tattooist will find it hard to create straight lines if you keep on moving.

Have any of you guys got tattoos?

If you’d like any other tattoo related posts, comment below.


2 thoughts on “Getting your first tattoo // My advice

  1. This advice is brilliant! I wish I’d read this before I got mine! I actually love mine but a little heads up would’ve made my experience a bit better maybe! I only have one small one on my shoulder (not too dissimilar from the one pictured here) and I love it! Greta post! 🙂 Robyn xx


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