What’s in my make up bag?

Hi! So today, I thought i would do a blog post based on Beauty so whats more fun than writing a ‘What’s in my make up bag’ post!


i don’t have much make up as i hardly wear it but i will show you all my main pieces that i use!



i have 4 big brushes which consist of a Foundation brush, a powder brush, an angled powder brush and a flat powder brush. These are super soft brushes and are super easy to clean and are amazing when applying foundation and powder.


Also i have 4 smaller brushes which consist of a contour brush, an angled eyeshadow brush, a nose shading brush and an eyeshadow brush. This brush set can be found pretty much on any site online and is super cheap – i think i picked mine up on amazon for about £6.99 or something like that! Highly recommended make up brushes.



I don’t apply that much foundation and concealer but these two are my favourites to use. I use the Rimmel London wake me up concealer in the colour Ivory. This concealer is amazing and hides all your blemishes and everything that you want to hide – mainly spots for me uch. The converage on this concealer is so good so if you are looking for a concealer that hides all your marks and spots and has amazing coverage i suggest you go and pick up this concealer. The foundation i use is the Rimmel London Match perfection foundation in the colour Ivory. Its a perfect foundation that matches my skin very well and isn’t so heavy like some foundations i have used in the past. You can pick both of these up in any shop that sells cosmetics such as Tesco and Boots. Go pick some up!!



The two powders i use is the w7 puff perfection powder and is reasonably cheap to buy and is gives an amazing finish. its very light on your skin and not so heavy and it matches my skin perfectly. I also use the Revlon nearly naked powder in the colour Fair. I prefer using the Revlon powder than the puff perfection but they are both amazing powders. The bronzer i use is the NYC sun 2 sun bronzing powder. it gives more colour to your face and i don’t use it often but it is a great product.



I am in love with these matte liquid lipsticks. These are the 3 main ones i use. They are the Rimmel London show off lip velvet liquid lipsticks. I have them in colours Atomic rose, orange-ology and meteoric matte. I am so happy that i bought these matte lipsticks. they are so easy to apply and they stay on for so long. They are super cheap to buy!



I picked this concealer palette up the other day when i was in town so that’s why it hasn’t been used yet! it was super cheap so i thought id buy it. it is the W7 camouflage concealer palette. There is a variety of skin shades on the palette so its easier to find one that matches your skin tone!



the mascara i use is the w7 lashed up mascara and i have been using w7 mascaras for so long because they are so good and make your lashes look amazing and bold!

Whats in your make up bag?

if any of you use these products, leave a comment below and id also love to try some new make up pieces out so if any of you use different cosmetics let me know!!


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