9 problems only short people understand

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When your short, like me, everybody looks down on you… literally.

Group Photos

For example, In school, when its that time of year to have the yearly group photo of you and your classmates and the photographer always says ‘can all the small people kneel at the front’. I definitely was one of those children that always had to be at the front of the group photo.

Mistaken age

As much as i love the thought of being younger, being short causes my age to be mistaken. Basically, short people are used to being perceived as children. Also, when it comes to buying alcohol or a certain aged DVD, it is more likely to be ID’d if your short. There has not been one time that i have not been ID’d.

Out of reach

The top shelf … the ultimate enemy for all short people. There is literally nothing to remind you of your shortness more than straining to reach something that has been placed high up. Still to this day do i use a dining room chair to climb on to reach something on the top shelf of a cupboard.

Tall people use you as an arm rest 

During school, all of my friends that were tall used to use me as an arm rest.. they used to find it hilarious to come and stand next to me and put their arm on my head or on my shoulder. As funny as it was at the time, some people actually get offended by it but i didn’t mind.


Driving a car means practically having to sit on your own steering wheel in order to see over the dashboard. This is so true. I am currently taking driving lessons now and i am learning in a big Clio and seeing over the dashboard is actually very difficult. Also, you have to move your seat practically until your up against the steering wheel as your feet do not reach the peddles.

Lost in the crowd

For example, Concerts. Last month i saw Olly Murs live in Cardiff and i was quite near to the front but i still couldn’t see..i felt lost being surrounded by so many tall people. When my friend went to get a drink from the bar it was impossible to find her again as she couldn’t see me and i couldn’t see her.. well i couldn’t see much if i’m honest.

Amusement parks 

height restrictions….. the certain line ‘you have to be this tall to go on this ride’.


For short people, hugging can be pretty awkward unless, your hugging someone the same height as you. If your hugging someone much taller, your most likely to be pressed into someones stomach or chest.

Finding clothes to fit you 

Most clothing is made for an average sized person. Being short and trying to find clothes to fit can be pretty difficult. for example, finding trousers to fit your leg length… i can never find the perfect fit trousers.. i have to take them to a shop to get hemmed up to my height.


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