Do you want to boost your body confidence?

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What is body confidence?

Body confidence is accepting the body that you were given and creating a positive and happy mind-set instead of saying every negative thing you can think of about yourself. self confidence is an essential part of humanity. People who are self confident tend to be happy with themselves and this can lead to them feeling positively about certain goals they would like to achieve and generally thinks positively about the future. people who lack confidence is less likely to feel like they can achieve their dreams and goals and have a generally negative perspective on themselves.

In society today such as on social media, we are constantly bombarded with pictures of people with perfect skin, tiny waists who have fashionable dress sense. These pictures that you see can be anyone whether its celebrities or people you know.  By looking at these pictures, Sometimes it can make us look at ourselves and comment on the way we look. You can work at your body until it’s toned and firm, but if you don’t believe you look good then it definitely won’t count for much.

Do you want to boost your body confidence?

Personally, I have commented on the way i look so many times and i admit, most of the time it has been negative things and i think everybody has once in their lifetime said something negative about themselves. I thought today i could give you a few tips that i have followed to boost my body confidence and it may help you if you’ve every had a problem with body confidence and feeling positive about the way you look.

Stay away from the negativity and bring on the positivity!

Have a look at your inner circle, friends or family and consider getting away from those certain individuals who put you down and try to shred your confidence. Even if its a little break away from social media or certain people, it can seriously help build confidence and self esteem.

Don’t compare yourself to anybody else

if you want to build confidence, then you have to focus on improving your life for the better, not making a life exactly like your best friends, older brothers etc. if u want to build up confidence then you have to accept that there will always be someone prettier, smarter and richer than you but that’s ok, because it is all irrelevant because what matters is your own goals and achievements. So, your scrolling through Instagram and you come across images of girls with ‘perfect bodies’ and end up comparing those pictures of them to pictures of yourself…. By doing this, you tend to bring yourself down. Wishing you had someone’s long, blonde hair or tiny waist takes away your own natural beauty. Embrace what you have!

Open your eyes 

When you feel negative about yourself, you tend to look at other people that you think are ‘prettier’ than you… if you actually open your eyes and look at everyone you will realise that there are many shapes and sizes out of there. Everybody’s different.

Build a positive support system

Spend time with people who have a positive influence on you and step away from the people who have a negative influence on you. Take some time away and think about which people in your life make you feel happy and good about yourself, rather than people who criticize you and make you feel bad. Make a goal to spend more time with the good people.

Accept compliments

Many people who have an issue with confidence have difficulty taking compliments. Most of the time, that person would assume that the person complimenting them is either lying or mistaken. I must admit, i have had difficulty accepting compliments in the past and i thought the exact same thing…that the person was lying. instead of thinking that, take it to heart and respond positively even if its by saying thank you or simply smiling. Another thing you can do is add compliments you receive to a list of positive attributes about yourself which will help boost your body and self confidence.

Look in the mirror and smile

supposedly, studies show that your facial emotions can encourage the brain to register emotions. so by looking in the mirror and smiling every day can actually make you happier and more confidence in the long run. Also, by looking at your own reflection, it can make you feel happier about your appearance and accept the way you look.


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