8 things only girls with thick hair can understand

I thought for today’s blog post, I will turn to the hair and beauty side of things and talk about 10 things only girls with thick hair can understand.

I have had thick hair all of my life and I really don’t enjoy having it the majority of the time! Trust me, if you had thick hair you’d understand. At the end of our shower, there is always enough hair in the drain to create another human, ponytails are always too tight or too loose and hair ties are constantly too stretched out to wear around our wrists.

 you regularly break hair bobbles

SO true! I go through so many hair bobbles, about 2 packets a month I think! When I want my hair in a ponytail, it takes around 3 hair bobbles to keep my hair up otherwise all of my hair will just fall out of it! times like these I wish I had thin hair

if you put your hair in a bun from having a shower the night before, your hair is still wet by the morning

yes! that is why I have to blow dry my hair every time I wash it because if I let it dry naturally, it will still be wet by the time I wake up and it will make my hair look super greasy!

Every time you get a hair cut, the hairdresser comments on how much hair you have!

Definitely, when I last went for a haircut, I had lots of people commenting on how much hair I have how much of my hair was on the floor! It is so awkward – I mean what do you say to that? Urrr thanks

Blow drying your hair takes so long

blow drying my hair takes me about 35-40 minutes and by that time, there is still bits of my hair that are wet or damp! I am so jealous of those girls who’s hair is dry about  5-10 minutes, want to swap hair?

Your hair is so heavy, it gives you headache

Definitely, especially when I have had my hair in a ponytail for a few hours! I let it down and oh that pain is extreme and I honestly feel like crying most of the time this happens! you girls with thick hair will understand the pain!

At any moment, you will expect a piece of your hair to either fly in your face or your mouth

Especially when its windy outside! it is so hard to control!

Straightening hair takes so long

it takes me about 20 minutes to straighten my hair roughly but by the time I am finished, my head is sweating from the heat of the straighteners.

You give up on French braids because your arms hurt too much

Even doing an ordinary plait makes my arm hurt let along complicated French braids! Bring on the pain!


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