Want tips on how to write a blog?

So, I thought I would do a post giving you tips on how to write a good blog. I did some research along with my own advice and for those of you who want to start a blog. I remember when i first created a blog, i didn’t have a clue how to start one or how to make one that would be readable or decent.

  Writing blog posts

   1. Understanding your audience

By understanding your audience, you will gain a better idea of what content your blog should contain in order to appeal to your audience. If your unsure how to do it, it’s simple, just ask people on Twitter, Facebook or instagram or why not create a blog post asking other bloggers what type of posts they would like to see you write.

 2. Write for yourself

Dont write to impress other people or to make yourself popular, write it for yourself! Write it to get your opinions out and to write what you want to write about..

    3. Be consistent

It’s hard sometimes to keep track of your blog. Sometimes, you are too busy to write a blog post but try and keep it consistent! It don’t have to be every day. Make a schedule in a planner or something.. i know i have trouble with this one as i get so busy with work or other things and i lose track but buying a planner really does help. I highly recommend it.

    4.  Choose topics that interest you

Be sure to pick a topic that actually interests you. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will kill a blog post more effectively than a lack of enthusiasm from the writer…

5. Do your research

Knowing enough about the blog post you are writing about is so important. If you do not know lots on it, there is no harm in researching the topic on the internet or in books.

6. Mix up the length of your blog posts

Short blog posts are nice and sweet but sometimes change is needed – long blog posts are nice as a change

   7. Write, write, write

Practice makes perfect right? The more you write, the more better you become..simple as that.

 8. Publish selectively

You dont have to publish everything you write – I have several drafted posts that I have written just because I like writing.. most of them have never been published… doesn’t mean they never will.

9. Open your blog post with an engaging introduction

This is essential if you want to attract more readers to read your blog!

       10. Bullet points and direction

By having bullet points, this helps the readers understand the post easier. Also this helps the readers connect with the content of your blog

 The look of your blog

1. Choose the right theme

This really sets the foundation for awesome looking content.

2. Use simple text formatting to emphasize key points

Never underestimate the power of BoldItalics, Underlines and even ALL CAPS.

  3. Keep your paragraphs short

People don’t like reading long paragraphs online! I know I don’t so I don’t see bloggers reading huge paragraphs unless it’s a topic they really love

   4. Create awesome content

This tip is pretty obvious! It doesn’t matter how pretty your blog post looks. If the content is not great, nobody’s really going to engage with it.

5. Use heading tags to break up content

One thing people like to do when reading content online is quickly scan the content to get the gist of the article.
By having heading tags, you make it easier for people to do that, and it makes your content easier to consume.


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