I am a bookworm

From a young age, i have always had a passion for reading and that is all i did growing up. Most kids would be outside playing with their other friends in the park or playing with barbies but me? nope i was a child who enjoyed making up stories and reading. There is just something about getting lost in a book that appeals to me and when people tell me they hate reading it makes me quite uncomfortable considering i couldn’t imagine my life without books… books make you imagine your own version of what your reading in your head and that’s the part of reading that is amazing! Some people actually make fun of me for reading  but in my eyes, it is perfect! I do still have a social life, but if it were up to me i’d prefer to just stay in, snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate reading a book! Any bookworm would rather do this than go out drinking or just going out in general.

One of the best things about being a bookworm is that books are honestly your most prized possession. That is so true! I took me a while to come up with a word to describe how important books are so prized possession seemed to fit perfectly. Honestly, no one touches my books and nobody borrows my books especially if they fold the page corners.

Secondly, all bookworms tend to take a book in their bag everywhere they go. Well i do anyway, whether i am on my lunch break or whether i have a spare hour during my day, i always have a book close by. By taking a book, your not bored and you get to do something you love. Also, you never know when you want to suddenly sit down and have a little read.

I have a dislike towards E-readers. i must admit there have been times recently where i have wanted to invest in a kindle but thinking about it, the actual book is much better. On E-readers, you press a button to turn the pages but i love turning the pages of a book myself, who else loves doing that? I enjoy purchasing books and filling up my bookcase with books so buying an E-reader just isn’t the same.

When reading books, some people tend to fall in love with fictional characters!  i do that a lot…. for example, i recently read girl online 2 and i honestly fell in love with Noah! it was so bad but as i moved along to new books, that love came to an end. Another fictional character i am currently in love with is Jace from the book set ‘the mortal instruments’.. read the books and you will definitely understand the attraction with him.

One last point, i honestly can go on forever but i will keep it short, i can never walk into a bookshop without buying a book. There is so many new releases and i physically can not walk out without buying at least one book, maybe two! Slight book buying addiction.

So a little insight to the life of a bookworm



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