Why do i love blogging?

Since i have started blogging a few months ago, i have loved every minute of it. I never thought anybody would notice my blog let alone email me about it and nominate me for awards. The amount of friends i have made from creating Simply Me is so surprising and therefore  I would like to thank all of you bloggers who i have come in contact with. Now i am going to share with you the real reasons i love blogging.

I see myself as a social person and one reasons why i love blogging so much is interacting with people who have the same interests in me which is writing. I have received emails of some other bloggers and i have gotten to know a few of them really well which i have enjoyed. Every blogger is so true and honest and i feel like i can write about anything and wont be judged ~ for example if i wrote something like this on Facebook, lets face it, people would have something to say about it and news travels fast on social media sites.

Another reason i love blogging is because i get to write about what i want and i get to portray my opinion on other things in an honest way. I have so many interests, so getting to write about those interests in any format and style i want is great. All my life, i have been finding a way to express my opinions in an anonymous and honest way. Finding WordPress was my life saver because i feel like writing about things that are on my mind takes lots of unwanted weight off my shoulders. When i was younger, i used to write everything in journals or in a memo pad so being able to find an online community who enjoy writing as much as i do and enjoys reading what you write is just such a privilege.

Another reason i love blogging is the customising. I am a lover for decorating and personalising things and lets just say, it took me a while to pick a theme for my blog because i went through every single theme and i am actually redecorating my blog after i finish writing this post ~ the theme is a little outdated now don’t ya think?


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