Q+A with my brother



So, I have organised something exciting for my first ever blog post which is a Q+A with my big brother Vince.

So why have I decided to do a Q+A with my brother? Because I wanted to do something fun for my first blog post and also its a good way for you guys to know me a little better as well as my brother. We have answered 14 questions that were asked by other bloggers and we hope you enjoy reading this post! ( I am S and my brother is V )

1. How old are you and your brother?

S – i am 17 years old, 18 years old in specifically 4 months and 8 days.

V – 24!

2. Who is your favourite author?

S-  My favourite author is Katie Fforde!  Recently, I have become interested in the sequels written by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Its hard to pick a favourite author because i read all the time but if i chose a favourite right now, it would be Katie Fforde.

V – i don’t read books, the closest I’ve been to reading a book is reading people’s Facebook statuses on my news feed!

3. What is it you most dislike? 

S – dislike? That is a strong word! But I dislike SPIDERS ALOT! They are big and hairy..STOP IT NAUGHTY….they are just so annoying and come into my home uninvited.

V – ok….here we go..LEAFY BUGS! They are vile, gross and ugly, and their backs are hard so they are hard to kill! They blend in with grass and trees which makes me hate nature. And if you do not know what one of them is..Google it.

4. Who is the most argumentative?

S – i would say…ME! I am a gal and once an argument erupts I won’t stop until I win and I like to get my own way! Also my brother is just a pussy tbh haha

V – i would say her. Let’s face it when the ‘TIME OF THE MONTH’ happens it gets more stressful than a game of Call of Duty!

5. Do you have any embarrasing childhood photos? 




6. Who is the favourite sibling?

S – ME OBVIOUSLY! I am so loved by everyone!

V – her because she happens to be the only girl, but…Im the one everyone wishes was their fav 1.

7. What makes you happy?

S – “inserts soppy paragraph” loads of things make me happy! I have the best family and the most amazing friends and the best boyfriend ever! And of course… FOOD makes me so happy and music, demi lovato and brownies!

V – heavy metal, energy drinks, Disney films and of course my daughter!

8. What’s on your playlist right now?

S – bear with. Demi Lovato and Ed sheeran mainly.

V – Bullet for my valentine, Slipknot, Trivium, Tenacious D, Disturbed, Fall out boy, Eminem and Jason Derulo.

9. Who’s most stylish?

S – My bro! Fairplay he comes up with some snazzy outfits and combinations.

V – Me! Because what she said!

10. What are your top 3 TV shows? 

S – it has gotta be…The vampire diaries, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Made in Chelsea.

V – Game of thrones, The walking dead and Charmed.

11. What is your favourite film? 

S – One word…DIVERGENT!


12. What is your dream Job? 

S – I would love to have a job as a performer or I’d love to be a professional blogger.

V – An ice road trucker!

13- Who is your idol?

S – Demi Lovato!

V – Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson because he is massive and a multi talented person

14. If you were on an island, what five things would you take with you? 

S – Food, my phone, Shampoo cos I can’t be dealing with greasy hair, Torch because I need to be able to see and of course a camera to take sneaky pictures of my cracking experience!

V – A boat, a radio, flares, fuel for the boat and a lion bar. I’m getting off that island.

So that’s the end of our Q+A!

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who gave us the questions to answer and there will be many more Q+A’s in the future!


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