An Adventure

its been a long time I know…

But I thought I’d come back with a fresh new topic and a little blog post about something that I’m excited about which is…. travel.

Ive never travelled abroad.. yeah I have travelled within my country which is the United Kingdom for example, London, Birmingham but I have never fled the nest and gone abroad to somewhere completely new and out of my comfort zone which leads me back to my blog title… where am I going? Well in October/ November me and my boyfriend are travelling too Seattle, Washington, USA.

I am nervous of course as I have never been on a plane before or gone anywhere where I’m not familiar with or been through an airport but it’s an adventure! I know so many people who travel all over the world and I am so jealous so from this year, I’m going to travel quite regularly to places I have always dreamed of going too..

My top 6 places I wanna visit✈️

  • Seattle, USA ( I’m going this year YAY )
  • New York
  • Hawaii
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam

Where have all of you travelled too..?






Healing process of having a tattoo // My advice

So, i wrote an advice post a few weeks back about getting your first tattoo and some advice about what to expect and i had a positive outcome from that post and got asked to write an advice post on the healing process so here i am.

Okay during a tattoo healing process, There are a few different stages your tattoo goes through before becoming fully healed.

Stage 1

During the first week of tattoo healing, your tattoo is pretty much an open wound which means its easy for an infection to occur so this stage of healing is pretty crucial. When i had my tattoo, i simply wiped it over a few times a day with warm water. I didn’t want to add alcohol based solutions or lotions to it just incase it didn’t agree with the tattoo and it ended up getting infected and that is definitely the last thing anyone would want.

Not going to lie, you will have some blood and puss come out of your tattoo, not everyone does but some people do so if you have experienced this, it is normal so don’t worry. This usually happens straight away after having a tattoo so your tattooist will probably put a bandage or something similar on it. Once you remove the bandage its all up to you to look after and clean your tattoo.

I am going to pre-warn you that, once you take your bandage off, there will be blood and ink and puss but don’t worry, you have just had a tattoo and an injection pumping ink into your school numerous times so, trust me, this is completely normal. When i had my tattoo, i left my bandage on for a few hours and then when i took it off, there was blood and puss so i just wiped it gently with warm water and it all came off and looked good as new.

Another thing is, once you take your bandage off, do not cover it back up as you are more likely to be trapping bacteria near your tattoo so keep it open to the air. Make sure that the bedsheets, cloths and everything your tattoo will touch are cleaned daily. At the end of stage one, your tattoo should start to scab but do not pick those scabs! By picking the scabs, this can cause your tattoo to become discoloured and blotchy so resist the temptation. i was so tempted to pick my tattoo because it does not look the best when the scabbing process begins but the end result will be worth it.

Stage 2

As i said just now, leaving your scabs alone is so hard. Once all of the scabs finish forming the itching sets in and trust me, it will drive you crazy. Even if it gets really itchy, do not pick off the scabs. Let the scabs flake off naturally.

Stage 3

by this stage, the final stages of healing begins. The itching stops. The risk of infection reduces so you can go back to normal and you don’t have to be as picky on what you wear and what you put near your tattoo. Even though it may look healed, you can still keep cleaning it with warm water now and again and apply a moisturiser just to keep the skin soft so it can continue to fully heal. You should continue to care for your tattoo once its fully healed. after the wound closes, you should continue to use warm water and some moisturisers which contain no alcohol just to keep the skin hydrated. I didn’t use any moisturisers at the start when i first got my tattoo done but once it healed and was a closed wound, i used moisturisers sometimes just to keep my skin hydrated. Another thing, always apply sun cream on your tattoo before going outside. some people don’t, but i do now and again, my tattoo isn’t in a place that is in direct sunlight all the time but i still apply sun cream just to be sure. Intense sun light such as that from the sun, works the same as laser tattoo removal so i would be careful.

London & The Warner Bros harry potter studio

So this week has been crazy, For the first time in my life, i went to London for a few days and ticked off what was number one of my bucket list – to attend the Warner Bros Harry potter studios. For those of you who know me well, you would know i have a harry potter obsession and i have been wanting to go to the studios for years and it finally happened on Friday.

Day one

So, i left my hometown at roughly 7am in the morning to travel to London. I was absolutely buzzing! I got into London at roughly 1pm. When i got into London, i couldnt believe how much of a beautiful city it was. so for the whole afternoon, i managed to see all of the main sites including Buckingham Palace, The London eye, the great tower of London, the houses of Parliament and many more amazing places. I stopped in Leicester square for a spot of shopping and my gosh the shops there were incredible. There was a Lego shop and M&M world and of course a huge shop called the kingdom of sweets. I stayed in Premier inn next door to heathrow airport and the service there was amazing.


Day two

I woke up early on the Friday because i knew today was the day i got to go to the Warner Bros harry potter studios. We checked out of the hotel at 8:30am and travelled straight to the studios and when we pulled into the car park i was speechless. i was just so happy and amazed that i was actually there!

Getting your first tattoo // My advice

Image result for bird tattoos arm

Getting a tattoo is a very bold decision. You want your first tattoo experience to be the one you remember for all the right reasons. So, I’m going to give you guys 10 tips that will help you when thinking of or about to get your first tattoo. The picture above is an identical image of my first tattoo.

Don’t rush picking a design

Don’t rush yourself into choosing a tattoo design and the location. Your going to have to live with this choice for a long time. Take a while picking a design, don’t pick the first one you see. it took me a good 2 weeks of searching to find the one i wanted.


Before you have your first tattoo, you are definitely going to have questions. Your tattoo artist will definitely answer every question you have and make sure you feel 100% comfortable before going ahead with the tattoo.

The pain

it is going to hurt a little, the pain depends on where you get your tattoo. It is going to bleed a little too. Trust me, having a tattoo is worth it and if I’m honest, it really doesn’t hurt as much as some people say they do. If the pain does get a little much don’t be scared to ask your tattooist for a break.. nobody wants a passed out client.

Wear comfortable clothing

Depending on where your tattoo is, you will want to wear loose clothing that will give the tattooist easy access to that certain part of your body such as if your getting a leg tattoo, don’t wear tight leggings or skinny jeans. Depends on the size of your tattoo, if the tattoo you will be having is going to be large, you will be sitting down for quite a while so definitely wear something comfortable.

Take care of it afterwards

tattoo aftercare is such an important part and the most serious. Healing your tattoo is just as important as the tattooing process itself. My tattoo healed really quickly but one thing you should avoid is picking your tattoo once it reaches the scabby itchy stage. All healing tattoos will scab and will take 2-3 weeks to heal. Also keep the tattoo moist and clean as it heals as this will avoid any sort of infection.

Consider jobs

your first tattoo is a special experience and you may want too pick something big and colourful that people will notice. It could make it hard for you to get a job if you have a tattoo across your neck/ face/ hands so consider that before you get your first tattoo.

Prepare yourself on the day of getting the tattoo

First, eat a full breakfast beforehand. Many artists consider having a fizzy drink or some orange juice before having the tattoo. Sometimes, the process of having a tattoo can make you feel dizzy. Before my tattoo, i just had a few sips of Pepsi and i was fine. Another thing is to not drink alcohol beforehand and last but not least, getting tattooed is an intimate experience so make sure you have a shower.

Bring a high resolution photo

if you have a photo of the tattoo you want done, make sure it is high quality so the tattoo artist can see all the detail that needs to be done.

Trust your artist

This is important. You must trust your artist. Your artist knows what they’re doing. When i went for my tattoo, my tattooist was so reassuring and polite and it made it much easier to feel calm and not nervous.

Stay still!

We know that it may be difficult to stay still but make every effort to remain calm and still as possible whilst getting tattooed. Your tattooist will find it hard to create straight lines if you keep on moving.

Have any of you guys got tattoos?

If you’d like any other tattoo related posts, comment below.

What’s in my make up bag?

Hi! So today, I thought i would do a blog post based on Beauty so whats more fun than writing a ‘What’s in my make up bag’ post!


i don’t have much make up as i hardly wear it but i will show you all my main pieces that i use!



i have 4 big brushes which consist of a Foundation brush, a powder brush, an angled powder brush and a flat powder brush. These are super soft brushes and are super easy to clean and are amazing when applying foundation and powder.


Also i have 4 smaller brushes which consist of a contour brush, an angled eyeshadow brush, a nose shading brush and an eyeshadow brush. This brush set can be found pretty much on any site online and is super cheap – i think i picked mine up on amazon for about £6.99 or something like that! Highly recommended make up brushes.



I don’t apply that much foundation and concealer but these two are my favourites to use. I use the Rimmel London wake me up concealer in the colour Ivory. This concealer is amazing and hides all your blemishes and everything that you want to hide – mainly spots for me uch. The converage on this concealer is so good so if you are looking for a concealer that hides all your marks and spots and has amazing coverage i suggest you go and pick up this concealer. The foundation i use is the Rimmel London Match perfection foundation in the colour Ivory. Its a perfect foundation that matches my skin very well and isn’t so heavy like some foundations i have used in the past. You can pick both of these up in any shop that sells cosmetics such as Tesco and Boots. Go pick some up!!



The two powders i use is the w7 puff perfection powder and is reasonably cheap to buy and is gives an amazing finish. its very light on your skin and not so heavy and it matches my skin perfectly. I also use the Revlon nearly naked powder in the colour Fair. I prefer using the Revlon powder than the puff perfection but they are both amazing powders. The bronzer i use is the NYC sun 2 sun bronzing powder. it gives more colour to your face and i don’t use it often but it is a great product.



I am in love with these matte liquid lipsticks. These are the 3 main ones i use. They are the Rimmel London show off lip velvet liquid lipsticks. I have them in colours Atomic rose, orange-ology and meteoric matte. I am so happy that i bought these matte lipsticks. they are so easy to apply and they stay on for so long. They are super cheap to buy!



I picked this concealer palette up the other day when i was in town so that’s why it hasn’t been used yet! it was super cheap so i thought id buy it. it is the W7 camouflage concealer palette. There is a variety of skin shades on the palette so its easier to find one that matches your skin tone!



the mascara i use is the w7 lashed up mascara and i have been using w7 mascaras for so long because they are so good and make your lashes look amazing and bold!

Whats in your make up bag?

if any of you use these products, leave a comment below and id also love to try some new make up pieces out so if any of you use different cosmetics let me know!!

Blogger Q+A with A Wanderlust Being

Todays post is similar to the one I did 3 weeks back which is a blogger Q+A but this time, with one of my best friend who is also a fellow blogger called ‘A wanderlust being’. She has had a blog for quite a while now and has some great content. She has also started a YouTube channel which is coming along nicely and i will put the blog and YouTube channel links at the end.

What’s your blog name?

The name of my blog is ‘A Wanderlust Being’.

what made you choose that specific blog name?

I had been pondering over what to name my blog for, I think, almost a year before I created my blog. I wanted something that was unique, kept my name anonymous from the title and also something that summed up what the theme to my blog would be.

How often do you post on your blog?

Honestly not often enough. I don’t think I’ll ever decide to set myself a publish date because I don’t want the pressure of having to get something published once a week or so just for the sake of it. I want to create entertaining and helpful blog posts which is why my posts are few and far between. I do hope to up my publishing game as soon as possible though.

What website do you use for your blog?

Blogger is my platform of choice! I think the only reason I chose it was because another blogger and a friend of mine uses Blogger too. I didn’t really look into the benefits of other platforms. Despite this I do like the layout of Blogger and I find it easy to navigate and use.

Do  you prefer blogger or vlogging?

I prefer blogging to be completely honest. I do have a YouTube channel of the same name as my blog however there are very few videos uploaded. I’ve tried vlogging a few times but I’m too self-conscious to be talking to a camera in public. I also prefer behind behind the camera filming.

Is blogging something you want to do in the future?

Professionally no. I would love to keep this up far into the future as a hobby and share my latest adventures and interests but as for my future career I want to go into the business of film rather than blogging.

Does your blog have a specific theme?

It doesn’t at the moment. When first creating my blog I wanted to publish mostly about travelling, hence the blog title. This is still my plan however I would like to interlace cosplaying, photography, cinematography and anything else that takes my fancy along the way!
What advice would you give beginner bloggers?
Despite my blog being almost 2 and a half years old, I still consider myself a beginner blogger. I do suggest that people thinking of starting or having just started a blog should enjoy their blog. Be creative, unique and true to yourself.


Who are your blogging inspirations?

My biggest blogging inspiration is my friend Katie who is the creator of the blog Fun size Beauty ( . I have been reading her blog posts from the beginning and I have to point out I am her biggest fan, ha-ha! Two other bloggers I take inspiration from are the blog Welsh Girl Problems and Holly the creator of Witch Cake, both of who I have had the honour of meeting once at a blogger’s meet up. I want to take inspiration from WGP and celebrate more local and Welsh things. I find Holly’s writing and posts to be fresh and straight forward in a way and I want to take inspiration from her to be able to talk about things that I love or feel passionate about despite what I think others may think about it.

What is the best blog post you have written?

Due to the fact I have been organising my blog and deleting a few posts I’m not happy with on my blog, I think my most popular blog post at the moment is my most recent Halloween Playlist. The blog post I’m most proud of myself though has to be Getting Back Into the Swing of Things. I really enjoyed writing that one and although I’m sure I could improve on a lot I think it’s one of my best written pieces.

A wanderlust beings YouTube channel :

A wanderlust beings blog page:



9 problems only short people understand

Image result for being short

When your short, like me, everybody looks down on you… literally.

Group Photos

For example, In school, when its that time of year to have the yearly group photo of you and your classmates and the photographer always says ‘can all the small people kneel at the front’. I definitely was one of those children that always had to be at the front of the group photo.

Mistaken age

As much as i love the thought of being younger, being short causes my age to be mistaken. Basically, short people are used to being perceived as children. Also, when it comes to buying alcohol or a certain aged DVD, it is more likely to be ID’d if your short. There has not been one time that i have not been ID’d.

Out of reach

The top shelf … the ultimate enemy for all short people. There is literally nothing to remind you of your shortness more than straining to reach something that has been placed high up. Still to this day do i use a dining room chair to climb on to reach something on the top shelf of a cupboard.

Tall people use you as an arm rest 

During school, all of my friends that were tall used to use me as an arm rest.. they used to find it hilarious to come and stand next to me and put their arm on my head or on my shoulder. As funny as it was at the time, some people actually get offended by it but i didn’t mind.


Driving a car means practically having to sit on your own steering wheel in order to see over the dashboard. This is so true. I am currently taking driving lessons now and i am learning in a big Clio and seeing over the dashboard is actually very difficult. Also, you have to move your seat practically until your up against the steering wheel as your feet do not reach the peddles.

Lost in the crowd

For example, Concerts. Last month i saw Olly Murs live in Cardiff and i was quite near to the front but i still couldn’t see..i felt lost being surrounded by so many tall people. When my friend went to get a drink from the bar it was impossible to find her again as she couldn’t see me and i couldn’t see her.. well i couldn’t see much if i’m honest.

Amusement parks 

height restrictions….. the certain line ‘you have to be this tall to go on this ride’.


For short people, hugging can be pretty awkward unless, your hugging someone the same height as you. If your hugging someone much taller, your most likely to be pressed into someones stomach or chest.

Finding clothes to fit you 

Most clothing is made for an average sized person. Being short and trying to find clothes to fit can be pretty difficult. for example, finding trousers to fit your leg length… i can never find the perfect fit trousers.. i have to take them to a shop to get hemmed up to my height.