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Good Morning my dear wizards, witches and muggles. So if you know me well, you would know, since a very young age I have been a potterhead and I’m 21 now and that hasn’t changed. So why not do a Q&A and find out a little about my love for the Wizarding world. incoming questions* […]

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Surviving a long haul flight

So seeing as I will be going on a long haul flight in two months, I thought this post is completely relevant to me and to whoever else is going on a long trip anytime soon. So the feeling you get when you step off the plane at the place you’ve been so excited to […]

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How to survive working in retail

From experience, working in retail can be an absolute nightmare. I’ve worked in retail for longer than I have liked too … just over two years so I have experienced summer holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and the quiet periods in between. Let’s just say, customers can often rush and have a little bit of an […]

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